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"very safe and friendly. I just moved to Atlanta and I wanted a safe place that was close to all the fun places, not noisy and we made the right decision with this apartment."
"I am not on my second year living here and there are some things that have downgraded. Safety and Resident Appreciation Gatherings/Offerings. I suppose the safety issue is being tended to, it only took 12 months to implement cameras, a metal liner on the first floor, and a nightly patrol. The Resident parties are not what they were last year, but that's OK - I don't expect this as much. Everything else is good - gym is still in great condition as well as the pool."
"Wonderful place to live in the metro Atlanta area! Very close and easy to travel to destinations across town. Staff is always friendly and welcoming!"
"Great community and lots to offer. No complaints at all about this place! Love the ease of being close to downtown Decatur, where there is great restaurants and bars for whatever you like."
"The office and Maintenance staf are wonderful. The parking garage has had multiple car break ins and the mgmt response has been slow. Their remedy may not be enough and seems minimal."
"Approaching 6 months and it's been a great apartment. Especially since I'm 40' from all the amenities. Pool, clubroom & exercise facility."
"Great location and modern amenities. Responsive staff. Sad number of car breakins. Wish the windows were double-paned, street noise is loud!"
"I absolutely love my apartment and so do my 2 young boys! It's a great place to live! We have made tons of friends and love living in Decatur!"
"I love living here! It's in a great location and the Apartments are designed so well. Alexan 1133 has been a great welcome to ATL for my family."
"I have been pleased with my experience thus far. I think the amenities provide you with a sense of community, which is always a bonus. The walkable central location is a big plus as well."
"This is a great place to live. I enjoy having a great place to work out, a wonderful leisure lounge and being in walking distance to downtown Decatur. There's tons of wonderful places to eat, visit and get acquainted with. The only flaw I see is that the package delivery room could be a little more organized, but it's not a big enough issue to dissuade my satisfaction with living here."
"I can't say enough positive things about Alexan. The staff is so helpful, warm, and friendly. They have helped us out multiple times in a pinch. We love the events that bring the community together. We've met many great neighbors and families and feel safe raising our newborn here. The amenities are very nice and the premise well kept and clean. We love the downtown Decatur location, walking distance to so many great restaurants."
"Clean, pleasant, community that is generally safe and well-maintained. The mail/package delivery system can be frustrating at times, though, and sometimes there are children running wild and unsupervised in the clubroom."
"The best in Decatur by far. Amenities are incomparable to other communities and the staff / management is just winderful. I really enjoy everyday here."
"It's fantastic! Everyone is very nice. If there is a problem, it is always fixed right away! The gym is also very nice, and I enjoy the classes they offer."
"Great so far! I love the location, amenities, and how friendly everyone is. The style of the inside of the apartments is beautiful. I am a little nervous about my car in the garage, however, after recent events."
"Alexan has been a great apartment complex! One of the best features is it's location, right next to downtown Decatur. I take the Emory shuttle to work everyday and often take MARTA as well. The apartment amenities are also great including a great pool, roofdeck, gym, and friendly staff"
"Aside from the car break-ins, my experience at Alexan has definitely been wonderful. The location is great and the grounds are kept up very well."
"Everything about the community is going great except for the current parking garage situation. This issue needs to be resolved or I could see the Alexan losing some tenants"
"Alex an 1133 is a great place to live. It's really convenient to the Decatur square and Marta stop. All of the amenities are nice to have around in case you need them. There's a gym and a pool and grills that you can cook on whenever you want."
"I really love living at Alexan 1133! You cannot beat the location. As an added bonus, the management staff is friendly and always willing to answer questions and help you."
"I have only been living here for 4 months now, but everything and everyone has been great! Recently, an additional monthly exit lane was added to the parking garage which I think was needed. No offense to non-residents, but I've waited 10-15 minutes behind them in my car just to exit.I'm pretty much satisfied with my complex. I have some ideas that could add more additional bonuses to the facility such as emergency pet check (a staff member checks on resident's pet to make sure they are ok, no services required) or it would be cool if the Alexan would truly partner with a pet care service.Also, it would be cool if the parking garage put up slow speed signs. The garage is narrow, and I feel like an accident will eventually happen."
"I really enjoy living here, the staff is friendly and all the amenities are kept very clean. I like that it's dog friendly! Our dog loves his dog friend here."
"Everything about Alexan is great! The staff are very friendly and always helpful. The amenities are great and well maintained. The location is prime with being only about a block away from Decatur square"
"I love the new improvement of the parking garage - this was a must and I appreciate you listening to our concerns. I love the gym. The noise above us in a bit obnoxious... seems to be getting louder each month. I am not sure if they are just a "heavy foot" or if the apartment is starting to make extra noise."
"Timely response to maintenance request with acknowledgement of entry Visitor parking spaces Great community events More visible security in parking garage"
"Service has improved recently, but was definitely lacking from the beginning of the year until now. Still issues with facilities like the grill, clubhouse, and pool."
"Love the neighborhood and apartment. Staff is great, responsive and always schedule events for everyone to attend and socialize. So, far all of the neighbors are polite and friendly."
"property is well kept. Needs more security & cameras for more residents who feel exposed or have been targeted. Cameras in parking garage and on hallways within the building would be beneficial as well as a safety precaution given the area the building is located in."
"Doing great so far. Maybe nore community events and gatherings. But so far so good. Let's have a pizza party or hot dogs and brats. The olace looks nice. A few maintenance items needed but not bad."
"The apartment is luxurious but expensive for the square footage with a convenient and safe location. Parking is a daily challenge and inconvenient most times especially during the day. Some drivers in the garage drive erratically and there have been accidents as a result."
"So far so good. This is my first introduction to this, and I like the gift card choices. Amazon & iTunes are definite favorites. Let's see how long it takes."
"Hallways could use cleaning and dry ducts by pool need grates(fuzz and hair end up in the pool) service is great. You go above and Beyond when needed"
"I love living here at the Alexan. The apartment is great. Plenty of space, and everything is nice and new. Maintenance has been super helpful. The amenities like the gym and pool are great, too. Location is so convenient to downtown Decatur!"
"It would be nice to have an onsite "doorman" 24/7. Right now, it is very difficult to accept packages and deliveries. I would like the doorman to be able to direct and let in any deliveries."
"The location is good. I enjoy walking to restaurants and other places. Sometimes there is a lack of communication and oversight. The floor plan is great."
"Convenient location nice neighborhood. Close to downtown Decatur and Marta station. However, after the management team changed its not effectively like before."
"Alexan 1133 is located in a fabulous area of Decatur. The gym is by far the best I've seen with apartment living. Staff is friendly and the pool is pretty good (a little on the small end. Neighbors are friendly too. Noise isn't bad either. Very safe feeling which I like."
"Fantastic location, excellent kitchens, nice amenities, and helpful office staff. Can be a little noisy if your unit faces the courtyard area."
"I love the community. It's very nice. The apartments are very modern and spacious. The lease agents and community manager are super nice and helpful."
"Zero complaints! Best location, apartment layout and staff. The residents are all super considerate and friendly as well. Can we live here forever?"
"I moved to the Alexan in September and truly enjoy living here. The Clubroom events are fun. Everyone in the leasing office, maintenance staff, and other Alexan people are nice, helpful and efficient. It's a fun neighborhood and community. Comfy nice apartment and great amenities."
"I really enjoy living in Alexan 1133. However, lately the issues with the parking garage/gate have been very annoying and inconvenient at times. For instance, I got back from a trip last night and my key card didn't work so I had to get a ticket and then pay $12 to get out this morning."
"My wife and I recently moved into the Alexan building and we couldn't be happier. The building is maintained extremely well and there are so many amenities. We love it here!"
"it would be great if all the residents abided by the rules as far as discarding trash and clean up mishaps as they occur. Also too, if Jonathan were still in the leasing office. He was super! I still enjoy living here though!"
"Alexan 1133 is a wonderful community with great amenities. It is situated in a central location - close to downtown Decatur and several restaurants. The staff here provide excellent customer service!"
"For the most part everything is great. All the common areas are clean and look nice. My only complaints are the back door by the loading dock is often open at night which gives people access to the elevators. Also package pickup from times are frustrating. I often get food delivered that must be picked up that day and the office is only open during working hours."
"Overall pretty good. There is sometimes trash in the stairwells that needs to be cleaned up, and it would be nice if there was a 24-hour concierge for package pickup, lockouts, etc"
"The Alexan is by far the best place I've ever lived! Everyone is extremely friendly, the amenities are amazing, it is kept extremely clean and you cannot beat the location."
"overall doing great. would recommend better hours in the leasing office (open later on weekdays til 7) but otherwise we are very happy here."
"Great complex! The gym and pool are really nice. Apartment grounds are clean and well maintained. The common area is well decorated and has good games."
"The amenities are great but some of the neighbors are entitled jerks who don't know how to live in a community. Please care for your pets and the health of your neighbors!"
"The community is mostly great. The people here are wonderful and all of the staff is superb. The only thing I wish was better was that the gym was more complete."
"There is great communication and plenty of opportunities to meet your neighbors through various special events. It has been fun living here."
"We love living here! Excellent building, amenities and management team! Apartments are well designed with modern/contemporary finishes. The monthly events are always a hit!"
"I LOVE this apartment community. Everyone that is employed here is super friendly and customer satisfaction is definitely their number 1 goal. The building grounds and common areas are always immaculate. I love the amenities Alexan 1133 offers that set them apart from the other residential communities in the area. We are super happy that we chose Alexan 1133 as our new apartment home.JWolfe #521"
"Amazing staff. Clean facilities. Great since of community. I love living here not only because of my amazing apartment but because of the great community that comes along with living here."
"The staff goes above and beyond to make your living conditions perfect. So helpful and professional. I am so happy here and love the neighborhood."
"Noise is a bit of a problem in my apartment and I am concerned about future parking issues for guests (having to pay to park, etc). The staff is nice and responds very quickly to questions and maintenance requests. There are a couple things I'd definitely like to see change but I am enjoying my time here."
"Very nice property with great amenities. Convenient location close to downtown decatur and the marta to keep you connected to atlanta. I would definitely recommend."
"The leasing office staff are warm, the maintenance staff are quick, and the property is always clean. Great place to live! Thanks for all you do!"
"Doing a great job. The staff is awesome! We are really glad we chose Alexan. Keep up the great work as the building becomes filled with tenants."
"Staff is efficient and friendly. Issues have been fixed promptly. Community classes/events are also a great incentive to have! Enjoy living in the Alexan so far."
"So far it's been great! Really enjoying living at Alexan1133. The building, staff, location, have all been great. Glad I chose this community!"
"We moved in a month ago and love the community. It is still filling in, but the neighbors we have met are great and the location/amenities are excellent!"
"Staff is awesome! Always prompt to respond and courteous. Being a brand new building there's always the kinks to work out to get everything up and running smoothly. The staff has been totally on point in making sure all the kinks in the details are taken care of, making for a great living experience. As for the building itself, you can tell there were corners cut (no pun intended) to save on cost, and the contractor's taste is pretty cheesy. TV in the mailroom? eh. Also what's up with the door lock thingy! I thought I had the trick to it, but nope. Otherwise, location is awesome and staff is the best!"
"Great location, service and amenities! The apartments are beautiful, the pool is wonderful and I love the roof top deck and gym not to mention free coffee everyday!"
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