DIY Mason Jar Herb Garden

Hello Alexans!

We stumbled across this super cool DIY project and had to share with all of you! It is so simple and no green thumb is required. All you need is an everyday mason jar! Sounds easy right?


There’s really not a big tutorial here, it’s as simple as potting soil and herbs in pint size mason jars. Another great idea is to use this as a centerpiece with fresh flowers!

The materials that are needed are:

Pint Size Masons Jars

Vintage Style Mason Jar Holder




Fill the mason jars halfway with jars and then with the herbs.


Super cute and easy right? They will look good anywhere in your new apartment! Place them near a window with lots of sunlight to watch them really take off! There you have it Alexans. Super quick and easy DIY project for everyone to enjoy.

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